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Triliji’s success is a direct result of the partners and associates desire to serve and meet the needs of its clients.

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Property leases provide for a period of 3 business days to address property maintenance issues. Please email if this request has not been satisfactorily initiated at the close of the 3rd business day. If this is an emergency situation, please call the office at (254) 757-0663 immediately.
* Date: 
* Property Address:   * Unit #: 
* Your Name: 
* Phone number where you can be reached during business hours: 
* Phone number at property:
Please specify the maintenance requested:
Has any of this work been requested before? Yes      No
If "Yes", please specify what has been requested before and the approximate date that it was requested.
Do you have pets? Yes      No
If "Yes", how will they be contained so work can be completed?
Do you have a security system? Yes      No
If "Yes", please note the alarm code for access to the property: 
I am aware that if the work requested is found to be occupant responsibility, I will be billed for service charge(s) and all applicable parts and labor charges.
Agree      Disagree
Additional comments, concerns or instructions: 


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