Triliji Group is locally owned and operated and has been in business for over 10 years.

Triliji’s success is a direct result of the partners and associates desire to serve and meet the needs of its clients.

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Management Overview
Property Management - Waco, Texas

Triliji Group has an extremely well-qualified, trained facility management staff who interfaces with the facility administrators to understand their strategies and objectives. Triliji understands management issues. Healthcare facilities are held to a much higher standard and Triliji Group focuses on the compliance driven approach.

Triliji also successfully responds to the daily needs for the physicians and their staff. Balancing the business relationship between health systems, patients and physicians can often be consuming to the healthcare executive, Triliji’s professional facility management allows healthcare executives to focus on their medical mission while Triliji Group focuses on your facility.

Associate Profiles
  Jimmy Banks
  Lisa Sherry Monroe
  Timothy Alan Sherry
  Jonathon Grant
  Brock Bordner

We focus on the upkeep of your properties while you focus on your daily obligations.

Triliji Group will design a maintenance program geared specifically for each property after accessing the individual property’s needs. Our asset managers will be assigned to coordinate all maintenance needs. Understanding the scope of the property, Triliji’s skill, experience and resources will effeciently get the job done with maximum results. The extensive management team will provide additional support during any inspections necessary.

Our managers have access to a compliance library which consists of all current Department of Health Standard Regulations, as well as National Fire Protection Association Codes, and Environment Care Standards.

In addition to routine maintenance, Triliji will also develop a Prevention Maintenance Program specific to your needs and regulatory compliances. A computer generated work order tracking system is used for coordination of maintenance and reports are available for the administrative personnel to analyze. What you will witness is a maintenance team that is at its best when dealing with the unexpected and handling critical issues. Our experience at these times are invaluable and will reveal our unmatched ability to add value to your real estate portfolio.

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Company Profile
Our strong past has vaulted the future

Originally founded by Joyce Sherry in 1980 as K&S Properties, management then encompassed over 20 properties. In 1985 Lisa Sherry Monroe became co-principle, followed by the addition of Tim Sherry in 1995. Soon more successful developments were established with a strong concentration on the Baylor University Real Estate market. Over the next 10 years, we expanded to include Commercial Real Estate Services.

In 2001, another principle specializing in commercial and industrial Real Estate came aboard, Broker Jimmy Banks. With 15 years of Texas market knowledge, Jimmy joined our team to strengthen, develop and manage our commercial and industrial properties. Through this evolution, in 2001, the company was re-named Triliji Group. Now, more than two decades behind us, the expertise and infrastructure to manage has boosted us to have one of the largest portfolios in Central Texas.

Today, Triliji Group stands as one of the most respected and diversified Real Estate Firms, employing more than 40 experienced and dedicated people who serve our growing community. Triliji Group currently manages more than 1.5 million square feet of residential, commercial and industrial property, at a combined value of more than $100 million. Our Real Estate developments have consistently set the standard of class “A” facilities accommodating students, families and business professionals. With a strong background in residential, industrial and commercial projects, our successful involvement includes all aspects from ground-up construction to major project renovations.


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